Hiking tour of the Great Wall from Jiankou to mutianyu


jiankou sunrise

Which great wall you want to see, there are many options. If you want to hike the Wild Wall, an area somewhat in disrepair from being centuries old, Jankou is your choice.


Jiankou is away from the crowds, the souvenir stalls, and in some spots with plants grown over. 



After a two-hour drive from Beijing city, you will arrive at the Jiankou trailhead near Xizhazi village, from there, you can start your ten kilometer trek to Mutianyu, which allowing you to make your way to a restored section of the wall as well. In here, your will enjoy being in an area of natural beauty, trees are surrounding you.

Beijing Knot

jiankou beijingknot


Nine eye tower

jiankou 9eyetower


Heaven Ladder

jiankou heavnladder

Jankou was built in the Ming Dynasty, like much of what remains of the Great Wall of China.  Rammed earth was replaced with bricks and what you see today is what was built in 1368.  No one has ever restored Jiankou, which adds to the adventure.  Some watchtowers were in extraordinary shape given you their age.

The hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu is about 10km and will take you 4~5 hours ( including stops for photos, cable car ride off the wall toward the shuttle bus lot ).  Combined with a 2+ hour drive in both directions and a lunch stop, that makes it a full day adventure.


Booking Inquiry

Itinerary for Hiking at Jiankou wild great wall


Driver will pick you up from your hotel in the morning at 8am;

Drive 2 hours to xizhazi village;

On 10am, you can start hiking at jiankou section from there to mutianyu great wall or back to xizhazi;

Driver will wait you at the place agreed at 3pm;

You can have lunch at mutianyu or on the way back.

Drive you back to the city at 5pm.

5 Seater Sedan (VW passat)

RMB 900/10 hours, overtime charge: RMB 70/hour.

7 seater Buick GL8 minivan

RMB 1200/10 hours, overtime charge: RMB 100/hour.

18 Seater Minibus

RMB 1300/10 hours, overtime charge: RMB 100/hour.

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